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What is this "Program" thing Brothers talk about?

See page 26 for the "Grid" of Ohio State K of C program called "The Light of Ohio" guide. Review pages 16 - 25 for the General Program Requirements and see an explanation of the Point System (link here-LARGE PDF file, takes a minute to fully load the 109 pages but you'll get ALL the details!)


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Contact Grand Knight Larry Timko, 829-5100


Care Packages

Thanks from Camp Marmal, Afghanistan Received!

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Soldiers' Gratitude-click here ->: Afghanistan - Thanks.
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32 Care packages were shipped overseas on December 3 and December 18. Packages assembled by Brother Knights with supplies purchased as a result of the sales of Thanksgiving and Christmas Fruit Baskets. Thanks for the job well done!

-- Larry Timko and Tom Montgomery

Good to see the involvement and reactions of our service men and women overseas ripping open the boxes similar to those we mailed. See this video: Nightly News on NBC Sunday, January 6. http://video.msnbc.msn.com/nightly-news/50381725#50381725


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